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Daily activity at airports becomes frenetic when the summer season begins, more so when the airports are located at the main tourist destinations. This is the case of Spain, whose gentle climate and long beaches make it a favourite of many foreigners.

One good example of this is Son Sant Joan Airport in Palma de Mallorca, which this summer has beaten the record of over 1,000 operations (specifically 1,054) in 24 hours. This summer, 150,970 flights were scheduled, which is the equivalent of 26.4 million passengers who came to Palma de Mallorca.

But, from where are all this infrastructure and overwhelming number of passengers passing through Palma Airport each day managed? The brain is located in the AMC, the Son Sant Joan Airport Management Centre.

This a perfect example of an airport control centre, a critical environment with availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year because activity is frenetic. The specific needs of these kinds of work spaces are very concrete: up to three work shifts with different operators and optimal air conditioning, lighting, etc. conditions.

GESAB was responsible for designing and executing this project, which has now become an international point of reference. Its team of architects, interior designers and engineers designed an open-plan work space with the latest technological benefits. Ergonomics are present throughout the room and the furniture adapts to any user.

The airport’s bowels are controlled from the Palma AMC, including flight departures and arrivals, parking access, platforms, runways and incidents, among others, so it must have equipment and facilities that are able to respond immediately.

To guarantee the best conditions for its operators’ occupational health and efficiency, GESAB chose Advantis consoles and 24/7 ergonomic chairs. An open-plan, functional control room for 10 operators that also has a video wall with 10 70” cubes with LED technology to supervise all its activity. To complete the AMC facilities, it has a meeting room, and to provide all this “brain” with IT support, GESAG installed two contiguous data centres in the control centre.

A fully tailor-made, complete turnkey project to meet the needs of a control centre with high performance and activity.

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