Control Rooms for Critical Environments

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There are numerous control centers that are considered critical spaces, whether for the continuous 24/7 service they provide or for the responsibility and complexity of the services or activities they control and regulate. The continuity of the services they provide is crucial for the normal operation of companies and processes that affect the everyday life of a large number of people.

Among these, we can mention production or distribution centers of electrical power and gas, traffic control and management service centers or air traffic control centers. Each critical control center is unique regarding its technical, technological and audiovisual needs, as such, each of them requires a previous and meticulous assessment, adapted to the realities of the space where they are to be installed and the available budget.

Customized needs. Monitoring and managing activities and software requires, for example, different screen configurations for the operator, a video wall composed in a certain way. We can also think that in a 24/7 center, where position rotation is constant, there is a need for technical furniture made with quality materials that adapts perfectly to each operator.

Infinite configurations. The spaces destined for control rooms and the configuration of the operators’ workstations can be vastly varied. In addition, in certain projects, we have had to include attached rooms for meetings and crisis control, among others; design possibilities are endless.

Best conditions regarding ergonomics. Critical rooms and environments where it is imperative to make the works of the operators easier while guaranteeing their health and wellbeing in the workplace. All of the technical furniture developed by GESAB and the one included in the project is backed by the highest standards of quality and is designed pursuant to the most demanding principles of ergonomics: quality and design for your control center.

Room customization. GESAB configures and designs the room based on the client’s corporate image, creating an atmosphere with character using elements such as backlit logos in the consoles and performing complete interior design tasks on the spaces.

GESAB specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for this kind of critical environments performing the necessary studies, including architecture, lighting, ergonomics, etc., in order to deliver turnkey projects.

GESAB’s attention to detail is reflected in each of the works it has performed, such as the Energy Efficiency Centers of Veolia, the Money Laundry Prevention Center of Banco Azteca or the BBVA Treasury Room. Projects in which the personality of the client is reflected in every aspect of the room, in which the quality of the finishes and ergonomics were the main goals.

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