Design Principles. The Android Experience

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Evolution. Trends. Beauty. Functional design. Concepts that are present in GESAB to adapt our control consoles, our solutions in Data Processing Centers, interior design and overall project conceptualization to actual and future needs. Needs that go beyond the purely practical elements, placing people at the starting point of any creative process.

The Android User Experience Team has captured some basic design principles that summarize the philosophy of GESAB :

Delight in surprising  ways: clean, sharp, minimalist lines. Sensory surfaces. Subtle details that contribute to a sense of wellbeing. Experience becomes a joy for the senses.

Real objects for real people: Touching and handling make products fun while reducing the cognitive effort required to perform a particular task.

Customization: Everyone likes to add a personal touch that makes you feel that everything is under control. Functionality leads to added elements and customizable techniques for consoles that adapt to each operator.

Make life easier: Design should have a practical purpose and focused on people. All elements are designed to fulfill the needs of the operator.

The important actions first: Not all actions are equal. The ergonomic study is a priority for 24/7 IT environments. Productivity, efficiency and attention to tasks should be a priority. Everything at your fingertips. It´s time to Take Control.

This philosophy has led to GESAB to take care of all the basic details: design, use, production, materials, ergonomics, functionality, finishes. Innovation by and for the people.

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