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Technology and AI in the design process

The world of design and, specifically industrial design, has used advanced technologies and software for years to help in the product design process; from conceptualization to manufacturing. Photorealistic renders that simulate materials, lights and other properties of our real environment in a virtual world. Physical simulations (finite element analysis software)

consola de control en BIM

Optimizing the design and the management of control centers with BIM

First of all, we must say that BIM is not a software, BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a methodology widely adopted in the construction industry to optimize planning, design and project management, unlike Revit, which is one of the most used software under the BIM methodology. Since December 17, 2018,

Cómo diseñar una sala de reuniones - GESAB

How to design a meeting room?

The meeting room is an essential space in any business or institutional environment. It is the place where important decisions are made, presentations are made and collaboration between teams is fostered, so a proper design can significantly improve the productivity and efficiency of meetings. In addition to its practical function,

Estrategias de ecodiseño

Ecodesign Strategies

How to improve the sustainability of our products 1. Why should we care about ecodesign? We could define ecodesign as a series of design techniques and tools that focus on reducing the environmental impact of products from their conception so that throughout their life cycle they are less harmful to

cables prototipado

3D printing: cost savings on prototypes

The creation of functional prototypes is an important part of the product development process, among which there may be different types with different purposes. We can count on “fast prototypes” whose objective is to quickly, agilely and inexpensively verify certain functionalities, forms or proportions; they are usually needed in the

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