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The working environment of a control centre inevitably leads us to think of a multitude of screens, in a concentrated space where operators manage systems, processes and information. In them, an operator is exposed to several monitors, in addition to having large-format audio-visuals such as video walls at their workplace.

In this type of space, it is not surprising that one of the main conditions suffered by operators is related to eye disorders. According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health of the United States, 70.6% of workers suffer from eye fatigue. This visual fatigue increases up to 3 times the appearance of musculoskeletal disorders, which leads to acutely affecting the health of the operator and their physical well-being in the workplace.

There are several causes for this ocular fatigue, as well as dry eyes, burning and itching, sensitivity to light and eyestrain. The screens themselves with the wrong settings for brightness, contrast or resolution, as well as bad work practices such as few breaks, excessive use of the computer and the third cause is the poor design of the workstation (angles, distances, etc.).

GESAB, a company with a long history and an international benchmark in the control centres sector, is committed to innovation aimed at improving the health of operators in critical environments with digital adaptation solutions in their workspace.

Thanks to DeskWall, the user has the ability to set their main work area without moving the monitors. The new dynamic KVM developed by GESAB allows operators to define their main area of work and their personal digital area, so that they prioritize the visualization of sources and contents that they consider most relevant, thus achieving an adequate visual ergonomics.

The experts of ergonomics applied to GESAB control rooms are able to propose, thanks to the knowledge of the ergonomically accepted and comfortable degrees of rotation for the operator and the viewing angles of the human eye, the best monitor configurations and sources according to the needs of each client and project.

DeskWall has proven to improve operator´s efficiency and productivity, as well as facilitate task tracking. GESAB goes one-step further with the possibility of using large format screens. These new monitors of high resolutions allow drawing in a blank canvas, where the operator is the protagonist; there are no barriers or frames in the information, with infinite configuration capabilities.

GESAB provides the operator with the possibility of completely configuring their workspace to adapt to their needs, giving way to the new era of digital visual ergonomics.

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