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Not all control centres are equal, and, of course, nor are their requirements. When we talk about a control centre, we usually immediately think of large rooms and projects with a large number of operators. This is true by and large, but the reality is that many companies need to manage part of their activity, security, production, etc. efficiently, and they do not necessarily need to be large.

Control rooms with one or two operators are present in different sectors and their needs remain the same as those of large control centres. We should not forget that, even if they are smaller spaces, the principles of ergonomics and occupational health must be fulfilled. To that end, GESAB conducts the same lighting, air conditioning, ergonomics and interior design studies, and looks at each client’s personal needs.

The projects are studied in a customised way in order to offer comprehensive solutions. Control consoles, chairs, audio visuals, etc. and all the design can be customised with regard to the room’s components. Engineers, architects and interior designers work together to offer a turnkey control room.

In addition to all these features, GESAB offers the opportunity to customise the room’s entire design: backlit logo on the side of the consoles, corporate colours in the designs of the room’s components, safety lights, customized coloured LEDs, etc. In the end, the aim is to create a room that conveys the company’s identity and values, and help reinforce the brand image.

A good example of a small control centre is the one installed for Procter & Gamble. The company needed to renovate its control centre in Spain. This was a very complete centre with two operators, where a technical floor, four-cube video wall, KVM and Advantis consoles were installed. This project resulted in a complete, functional solution; a perfect example of how smaller projects can be developed with maximum benefits.

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