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A wind power plant, traffic control, airport management, industrial processes, are only some examples where control rooms are present, with completely different technical needs.

When a project of this kind is addressed we must take into account the needs of each customer. What are we going to control? It is important to have all the necessary information to design a perfect control centre. For example, oil refineries, production and electrical distribution plants, or factories. What is important is designing every detail of the facilities.

Some control centres with specific needs require control panels to facilitate the operators’ job. Control panels may be formed by overview tables, keypads and customized according to the technical requirements.

The overview tables provide us the information display of any kind of system in an analogue manner. The overview tables provide a visual expression and an information’s logical structure. Whether they are horizontal, vertical or located directly on the wall, its implementation is always based on the real needs of the customer.

On the other hand, we also have keypads that are fully customized. This section also looks down on the installation of push-buttons and emergency stop buttons among other. All these buttons have as main function the control and management in a safe and analogue manner of all kind of systems, from production lines, power lines to security systems.

Likewise, these special control elements are combined with the rest of the room’s technical furniture to create an efficient and optimal work environment for the development of this kind of specialized tasks.

An example of a technical control room’s comprehensive project is Procter & Gamble. The multinational company needed to renew its control facilities in Spain. In a space consisting of a 2×2 video-wall with Advantis consoles and 24/7 ergonomic chairs, the facilities also included a keypad system, emergency stop buttons and overview control panels to manage and display all the information at a glance.

The Procter & Gamble project is a referral balance between functionality, ergonomics and design for a control room.

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