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Salas de reunión

Meeting rooms are meeting and communications spaces where ideas flow. Fostering this communication and providing all possible technology to serve people is the fundamental purpose of these kinds of projects.

Technology, so present in our lives, is another ally to facilitate the exploration of ideas and the transmission of information, so we will talk about smart meeting rooms where Innovation is a maxim.

Collaborative technology for facilitating participation and understanding is achieved by implementing components such as loud speakers and individual screens. Likewise, access to power, audio, data and voice input connections makes it easier for participants to share information. The question to also bear in mind is are we always going to need to use these components? The answer is no, and the solution is simple: incorporate ascending and descending systems that remain hidden and are at the same time easily accessible. Whenever these are not required, we can simply have a table with a lot of space and simple lines, creating a sensation of cleanliness.

If a meeting room has a purpose, it is to foster cooperation and the exchange of ideas, and for this, technology is again our ally with the new Barco Click Share system. This wireless system for any meeting room enables the content of any computer to be displayed on the room’s main screen. Its system also protects companies from the transmission of potential IT viruses and facilitates cumbersome connections with cables and prevents time being wasted.

Audio visual technology has also advanced to offer the best benefits and services. We can now develop video conferences with high quality, as well as play or present any kind of audio visual content on high resolution screens and monitors.

Solutions adapted to spaces with smart connections and benefits, all to create collaborative and efficient environments. Solutions that can also be customised and corporatised to reinforce the brand image and be, in and of themselves, another way to express the company’s values. Examples of these kinds of rooms can be found in the Acciona telepresence rooms projects or the meeting room at the Casa Árabe executed entirely by GESAB. Technology and Innovation combined to create the meeting rooms of the future.

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