Customization of Control Centers

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In designing a control room one must pay attention to all of the details and elements that are part of it in order to adapt them to critical environments for them to have the best possible performance. Project customization allows us to develop tailored solutions for the clients regarding audiovisual equipment, furniture, lighting, etc. However, why not go a step further? What if the control room could reflect the company’s identity, values and philosophy? What if we could use control centers to reinforce our brand’s image and position ourselves ahead of the competition? GESAB offers the possibility of completely customizing projects.

Space customization offers a wide range of benefits that will help us display a unified image to the market. Some of said benefits include:

  • Powerful brand image to the exterior, if we desire to show our facilities.
  • Capacity to make workers feel as a part of the organization and thereby increase their level of commitment.
  • Creating a balanced line between style and interior design to help display easily the company’s values and philosophy: its identity.
  • Reinforcing the company’s image and using its facilities as another way of expression.

Designing a workspace that is completely adapted to the company’s corporate image, through exclusive custom-made technical furniture. GESAB is specialist in developing special and turnkey projects. The idea is to create comfortable spaces and work environments that exude the company’s values and identity.

As examples of control room corporate design we have the BBVA treasury room, the Acciona tele-presence rooms, the Abertis AP6 Control Center and the Control Command Center at Meca. Projects that help companies position themselves and show the external image of a strong company to their competition and their clients, while complying with all specific technical and ergonomic requirements for critical 24/7 environments.

In addition to innovative designs and cutting-edge technology, GESAB allows for the development of these kinds of projects, the end result of which are control centers with the best performance and completely customized to help companies achieve their objectives.

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