DeskWall redefines satellite management in the United States for a leading company in the aerospace sector

The most important companies in the aerospace sector trust GESAB for the design and management of their control centers

In the fast-paced world of aerospace, efficiency and precision are essential. Companies operating in this sector must have the most advanced and secure tools on the market to guarantee precise control and fluid collaboration in their operations.

Recently, GESAB has received a new project from a leading company in the aerospace sector for the implementation of DeskWall, the universal management platform for equipment and information sources, in its headquarters in the United States with the objective of increasing efficiency in the management of its satellites worldwide. DeskWall will significantly improve their operation and the way their operators work.

The efficiency, adaptability and flexibility offered by DeskWall, which perfectly adjusts to the changing needs of the sector, as well as GESAB’s experience in the industry have been the main aspects that have motivated the choice of this solution among the multiple options available in the market.

For companies in the aerospace sector, having solutions that not only optimize efficiency, but also ensure safety in every aspect of their operations is a key element to success. Thus, the fact that DeskWall is the only solution on the market certified in cybersecurity and cyber intelligence, being able to guarantee maximum security in the environment, makes it the ideal tool for critical environments.

GESAB’s success and experience in the aerospace industry and its position as a leading provider of advanced technological solutions and technical furniture of the highest quality, is reflected in its ability to streamline operations and promote a collaborative environment that improves communication and decision-making in the operating position without neglecting the well-being of the operators thanks to ergonomics.

GESAB leads the control center market in the aerospace sector, having worked with industry giants such as NASA, Boeing, SpaceX, Sierra Nevada Corporation and the European Space Agency (ESA), both in the implementation of personalized and ergonomic technical furniture and latest level technological solutions.

SES, the main global satellite operator, has been another of the companies that has relied in DeskWall to achieve an intuitive and secure environment for the management of its critical data in its control center in Luxembourg, consolidating DeskWall as a valuable solution for the aerospace sector internationally.

In Spain, two control rooms for 22 operators have also been successfully implemented at the prominent meteorological satellite management company Eumetsat.

GESAB’s commitment to elevating the operation of control centers to a higher level and guaranteeing the success of each of our clients is key to continuing on the path of excellence.

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