Infographic Ergonomic Design of GESAB Control Rooms

Ergonomics (human factors) are the fundamental base of GESAB products in the Control Center design process, we comply the ergonomic requirements of the UNE-EN ISO 11064 regulation, and on top of this we are loyal to the correct quality standards that exceed the human, social and technical needs of the Regulation in organization of labor duties and environmental design, equipment (hardware and software), space and work positions distribution.  This is an added value to all components of a GESAB Control Center system in which we take care of maximum ergonomic situation of both who uses and maintains the elements.

The infographic shows the principles and recommendations of the UNE-EN ISO 11064 as a starting point for the ergonomic design of control centers GESAB

inphographic ergonomic design

  1. Design of control centres: Principles, recommendations and  rgonomic requirements for the design, extension, renovation and technological upgrade.
  2. Arrangement of control suites: Ergonomic design based on
    • Analysis functions
    • Tasks to be performed
  3. Control room layout:
    • Workplace layout
    • Use of display devices in the workplace
    • Maintaining control rooms
  4. Layout and dimensions of workstations:
    • Sitting position, with teams display screen
    • Standing or sitting postures
  5. Displays and controls:
    • Controls and indicators
    • Interaction in the design of hardware   and software for control centers
  6. Environmental requirements:
    •  Thermal environment
    • Air quality
    • Luminous environment
    • Acoustic environment
    • Vibrations
    • Aesthetics
    • Interior design
  7. Evaluation of control centres: Evaluation of the different elements of the control center:

    • Control room
    • Workstations
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