Why investing in health and ergonomics in control centres?


Critical environments are workspaces where critical processes and information are managed, essential for the proper functioning of numerous systems and processes in sectors as varied as security, traffic, energy, industrial or air among others.

For a long time an essential aspect in the proper performance of the different activities that are usually carried out has not been taken into account, and is the health and welfare of the operators of these work environments.

Taking care of the health of the people that make up the control centre means improving productivity and profitability of the company, reducing costs related to health, improving the level of involvement and commitment of workers and achieving faster decisions and responses to different situations that may occur.

Disorders produced by work in these environments are mainly focused on musculoskeletal conditions (diseases related to works that develop mainly while sitting), as well as numerous visual pathologies, related to screens, their position and use.

The workplace is a key element in the promotion of health. GESAB, a company with more than 27 years of experience in the control centre sector, is committed to committing itself to innovation and research aimed at improving people’s welfare and guaranteeing the continuity of operations of its control rooms. We are talking about innovative ergonomic solutions that help improve health at work and turn these initiatives into a competitive advantage.

Despite their importance, few companies develop health and ergonomics programs overlooking not only the well-being of people, but also the long-term profitability that could be assumed. A proactive attitude of the company in this area involves improving the quality of work, reducing staff turnover in the face of improved employee commitment, as well as reducing downtime and improving the corporate image of the company.

GESAB develops GESAB Health, a global health concept that places people in the centre and takes them as a reference to develop all their solutions for control rooms. Ergonomic solutions that lead GESAB to exceed standards and compliance with ergonomics regulations going one-step further. We can mention, for example, the Sit & Stand system that allows the operator to work at double height and alternate periods of sitting and standing work, as well as the GESAB Health & Care Widget able to recommend different exercises and stretches to the operator to prevent possible injuries.

The GESAB Health program has allowed the development of an extensive study of the daily activity of the control centre sector to detect the most common problems and disorders and to develop a complete guide of exercises and stretches that combined with a daily physical activity are the basis for improving the health of the operator.
A set of initiatives and proposals to guarantee the global health and well-being of the users of the control centre.

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