Improve your health by improving your posture


The different positions that we adopt throughout the day affect directly our health. We often have neck and column pain derivative from a poor posture that  in most of the cases are attributed to stress or fatigue. Poor posture with the body totally straight or leaning excessively can lead to respiratory, digestive problems or back pain .

In 24×7 environments and control and decision rooms  is extremely important to take care of these aspects, looking for the best ergonomic solution to ensure good habits and avoid bad posture. The objective is to use muscles with minimum effort and maximum efficiency. This will be more productive because people feel much better.

This requires having the key elements that support healthy posture. An ergonomic chair, a position in the technical console that allows you to have everything under control at your fingertips without adapting to the furniture. The console must suits every need, every person to ensure optimal posture  head up, loose shoulders, feet on the floor, bend the body just enough to write comfortably.

GESAB has created the ergonomic careGESAB exercise guide that will help you improve your health and quality of life.

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