Spinal beam: differentiation in consoles for Control Rooms

ADVANTIS Viga Central Secc

The constante search for balance, the perfect mix of design, innovation and functionality. Technology available to people. Pure and forceful lines, brilliance in concept and excellence in execution. Masterful combination. Different ways of defining the essence of our consoles, integrated seamlessly into 24/7 environments. Technical furniture and beauty united with a common goal. Personality forged base of experience and talent, moved to our consoles .

So Advantis NG is created, a perfect machine supported by a spinal beam emerges to become the backbone of the system. Fixing centre of the whole structure, distribution houses all cabling both power and data, being able to stay inside KVM, Thin Clients or any other electronic equipment that is needed.

Aspects that make  GESAB´s consoles unique in both design and functionality, adapting to any environment, customizing elements to meet the ultimate goal: to serve the people.

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