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Ergonomics is an increasingly widespread discipline in our daily lives. Its development has enabled us to have better facilities and installations that make work spaces a safer and healthier place. Efficiency is directly related to workers’ health: a healthy lifestyle and the provision of optimal work conditions will improve performance.

The design of control centers and critical environments should take numerous aspects into account that will directly influence operators’ work, such as the control of temperature, lighting, design and adaptability of furniture, etc.

Regarding this last point, it is essential for the technical furniture to be adaptable to the room’s needs. If we think, for instance, about a control center where there are three operator shifts, each operator is a different height and weight and the chairs and consoles should enable them to execute their activity safely.

A big advance in this respect is the Sit & Stand system that enables the operator to work at double height, so that he can align his activity in his chair with a standing period, in order to prevent sedentarism. The new ACTEA series developed by GESAB will have the Sit & Stand system integrated into all its consoles. This is a liftable system enabling the console top to be adjusted and positioned at the ideal height for working.

Additionally, once at the work station, accessibility and connections play an essential role. Elements such as the Personal Dock enable the operator to have access to different connections, such as USB, power, internet etc., and are always personalisable.

The design of the technical furniture also takes into account the basic principles of ergonomics for maintenance and cleaning works at the installations, which are also vital to guarantee their proper operation. The aim is to enable jobs to be carried out at the console or equipment, if necessary, while the operator is at his work station. This is achieved with easy accessibility to the different compartments, via the front, back or side part.

Ergonomics in design is key in creating dynamic, innovative spaces with the highest guarantee of occupational safety.

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