Smart cabling management

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Control centers are critical environments where a large amount of information, data, production or safety activities, among others, are managed.

A simple example is a control center from which renewable energy production and consumption, its distribution, incident control in the power distribution grid, support, etc. are controlled. A very real example in which from a single space a crucial amount of information can be managed, in which software and hardware play a crucial role, but which at the end of the day should be supported by physical means, in other words, cabling.

Operators should have functional work stations at which environmental health and safety are the priority. Control centers are critical spaces where technology is integrated into the service of people.

As mentioned, it should always be supported by physical means. Cabling enables us to transfer information and provide power to the installations. This is why it is so important to manage it correctly in order to facilitate maintenance works and ensure its proper operation. GESAB has developed a cabling management system that, thanks to smart laying, enables the data cables to be separate from the power cables, in order to improve safety and guarantee better operation.

GESAB has proposed its designs from this premise, incorporating raised access floor into its projects and designing consoles that enable the operator to keep working comfortably while improvements or changes are made to the console, if necessary.

A perfect example of smart cabling management is the liftable Advantis NG console. Thanks to its Sit & Stand system, it enables the operator to work at double height, thereby improving the ergonomics at its work space. However, the most interesting aspect are its trays for managing all the cabling. With easy front, back and side access, it has never been so easy to access the control of the connections. Its internal skeleton enables cables to be efficiently ordered and placed. A perfect solution for any that have to have access to consoles and for their maintenance.

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