The importance of the designs of a Control Room


The design of a control room goes beyond aesthetics. It must include functionality and technology to provide the workspace with the characteristic needed to properly carry out the various activities.

Each control room has specific needs and the activity carried out in it can be radically different: air control, electricity distribution, security control or manufacturing processes. This is one of the main characteristics to consider when approaching a new project.

Personalized Design

The workplace must be considered as a whole in order to correctly distribute all of the elements and installations, and we must think about how to equip it, are we talking about a 24/7 environment? Then the components will have to be ready to be adapted to the different shifts and the constant operation of the room. This is also important when picking certain equipment, such as the audiovisual ones. In this case, we have high-end equipment capable of withstanding constant use, which is focused on maximizing visual ergonomics.

The technical furniture must be adapted to the present needs of the work environment. The cutting-edge consoles allow for anyone who interacts with them to do so in a simple and safe way: operators, maintenance team, cleaning team, etc.


Ergonomics is the concept that should lead the whole room. GESAB’s engineering and architecture team carries out studies of lighting, visual ergonomics and interior design to create a proper work environment where every small detail is taken care of. This way, we not only manage to improve the safety and quality conditions of the operators, but also to increase performance and effectiveness in the workstation.


GESAB goes a step further by offering the possibility of customizing projects and adapting them to the client’s needs, as well as to the corporate image of the company. This possibility offers the companies the capacity to integrate people, make them feel part of the organization and reinforce the image of the brand. It is about incorporating elements such as the backlit logo in the side of the consoles or personalizing the LED security lights. This are just a few of the characteristics offered by GESAB.

The possibility of creating a unique and exclusive customized control center to cater to all of the client’s needs.

GESAB considers all of these principles to develop completely customized projects to fulfill all of the clients’ needs. Our own designs of consoles and components for the control rooms are complemented with a competitive team capable of managing national and international projects.

GESAB designs, executes and delivers 100% customized turnkey projects, always with the latest technology and the most innovative solutions.

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