Digital operational position: technology for the operator (II)

Deskwall Central térmica Alcudia

As we told you in the first part of this article that you can read here, with the technological advance of information, workspaces, monitors and technology in general, unified control of systems has become increasingly in demand and it is essential to have spaces specifically designed for the visualization and monitoring of risks or emergencies in a country, state or company.

A main objective of these platforms is to centralize information related to emergencies, manage the request for resources, plan and adjust responses, coordinate the actions necessary to make decisions and act in a timely, efficient and effective manner, thanks to the fact that they allow situations to be monitored, declared alerts, activate crisis plans and make decisions to respond to emergencies or disasters.

It is crucial that the technology in control centers is capable of integrating and adapting to the different technologies and protocols that are required. It is needed a flexible technology that grows and evolves along with the control center, allowing a more effective and coordinated response to any eventuality.

It is necessary to be willing to change to adapt to new work philosophies that provide the control center with the appropriate technology for systems management, administration, control of equipment and sources of information using a single keyboard and mouse that will optimize the performance of the operators. In the end, it is about relying on the development of special and complex software to achieve a unified interface or workspace with all the information that the control center has to use.

Antes y despues del puesto operativo con DeskWall

Change from a saturated workspace without visual ergonomics to a unified canvas with all the applications that the operator manages today, but that can be modified as the needs of the control center change.

Thus, the market has come to generate an efficient, adaptable and flexible technology that gives operators the ability to generate, with absolute flexibility, a display space where they can organize all their applications, programs, web services, streaming sources, remote sources, virtual machines and widgets.

We cannot leave security aside, so technology must guarantee maximum protection and security in the control center; it should even be essential to have a platform certified in cybersecurity and cyber intelligence.

proceso de onboarding DeskWall de GESAB

Each control center requires meticulous implementation and the development of a personalized and effective onboarding process, designed to guarantee the satisfaction of each client and taking full advantage of all the capabilities of the control center from day one.

This process should always be analyzed together with the client to know what their needs and expectations are, and once the objective has been clarified, a team of specialist technicians will be in charge of fine-tuning each project from installation, configuration and start-up. of each system, adapting it to the specific needs defined above.

Today it is possible to redefine the new standards of visual ergonomics for control centers thanks to Immersive Canvases. For example, DeskWall, the universal management platform, is the technology on the market that best adapts to the human eye and by placing the operator in the middle of the action, they can enjoy a totally immersive visual experience, and can throw any source onto a video wall, crisis room, or audiovisual element of the room. Thanks to the connectivity of this tool with DataWall you can launch new sources, change the grid, bring sources from the video wall to your operator station and even capture sessions quickly and intuitively.

Our more than 30 years of experience in control centers has given us key knowledge of the specific needs of the operator and the necessary adaptation to new technological trends. For this reason, DeskWall is in constant evolution where a team of expert developers works every day to offer the best information management system for a control center.

DeskWall by GESAB

What is the result of implementing the latest technology?

A command center that uses cutting-edge technology and applies appropriate procedures in its daily operations will provide optimal conditions of security, operational coordination and information management, both internally and externally to the organization. Currently, various technological solutions are implemented for information management and the execution of joint tasks, all of them aimed at improving security.

Clients entrust us with their key work environments, control and decision centers where effectiveness and productivity are key to achieving success.

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